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Image No. CW 19A: Sony A99 Sweep Panorama

Pauatahanui Inlet: The boatsheds on the middle left-centre of the picture are at the southern entrance to the Camborne Walkway.

Sweep panorama image captured with the Sony A99 24 megapixel full frame camera using the Carl Zeiss 24mm-70mm lens. With this clever function, the camera records several images (as the photographer quickly moves the camera from one side of the scene to the other) and then automatically stitches them together into a single panoramic image. The original sweep panorama dimensions of the above image are 8192 pixels x 1856 pixels, but for internet viewing, the above image has been downscaled to 870 pixels x 197 pixels.

The following 100% crop of just a very small area of the above photograph, shows the detail that will be seen if a large (say) 40-inch print is made of the whole image. The image size of this crop is 870 pixels x 536 pixels. Considering that the hand-held A99 was moving quite quickly to record the image, the detail captured is very good.

Cropped image of the boatsheds at the start of the Camborne Walkway

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To obtain the best appreciation of the quality of the images on this site, they should be displayed at a relatively small size, because most images have been reduced in size to a maximum width of only 870 pixels. In addition, the images have been saved at a low quality setting.