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 Image No. LOK-4

Lake Okareka, Rotorua, North Island, New Zealand

Image captured while on the beautiful Lake Okareka Walkway. Lake Okareka is one of the smaller lakes in the Rotorua District.

A signpost on the walkway says that: "Standing here today, it's hard to imagine the incredible violence that formed the land around you. In 1886 the ground shook as thunderous explosions spewed rock and mud up to 15 kilometres away. Mount Tarawera was literally split open. Although the earth is now at peace, change is actually still taking place. ..."

The 5.5 kilometre return walkway at Lake Okareka includes a raised 500m boardwalk, as shown in the picture below (Image No. LOK-2):

Lake Okareka Walkway, Rotorua, New Zealand

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