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 Blog  23  July  2010:  Canon  Wonder  Camera  Concept

Displayed  at  World  Expo  2010,  Shanghai, China


Hello, I am a photographer from New Zealand, and I enjoy sharing my blogs and photographs with other enthusiasts. The above sunset was taken at Peka Peka, which is located on the Kapiti Coast in the North Island of New Zealand.

In keeping with the conventional blog tradition, the blogs on this site are presented in date order and include, for example, random thoughts and projects, and references to discussions on photographic forums that I have found to be very interesting. These blogs are quite informal and thus differ from the style of my more comprehensive articles that are listed  here. Click  here  to go to the index of blogs on this site.


Canon's Wonder Concept Camera and Sony's new 2010 NEX VG-10E Camcorder

I was fascinated to read about Canon's wonder camera concept, as displayed at the World Expo in 2010 at Shanghai, China. Apparently, Canon considers that its future “Wonder Camera” might eventually make dedicated still cameras redundant because, within 20 years, when videos are filmed by the wonder camera, “every frame of every video will contain countless perfect still images":

On 20 July 2010, I asked readers of the "Digital Photography Review", Sony DSLR Talk Forum, their opinions on whether they think that camcorders are the way of the future, and whether they could make dedicated still cameras redundant. Here is my opening post from this thread:


"Now that Sony has produced its NEX VG-10 E-mount HD camcorder, with interchangeable lenses and the ability to take 14 megapixel stills, it’s already worth considering whether a video camera is a better buy than a dedicated stills DSLR with a video function. That is, if you particularly want one camera that takes quality stills and quality video, which is what I would like!

It seems that the video function on DSLRs is pretty much a compromise and is nowhere near as good as taking video with a camcorder. But, the 14 mp stills from the Sony VG-10 camcorder, might be nearly as good as you can get, for example, from the Sony A550 and the “new” Sony A7xx (despite the lack of RAW images from the VG-10). And of course, you get top quality video from the VG-10, because you are filming with a proper camcorder.

So what do you think, are camcorders the way of the future, could they make dedicated still cameras redundant? Would you already buy the new Sony VG-10 in preference to the Sony A550 or the "new" Sony A7xx? "

Click  here  to see the replies given to the above posting. It was made clear in this thread that, at present, the maximum size of a still frame grab from a high definition video clip is 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels, which gives an image area of 2.074 megapixels.

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