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white heron

White Heron (Kotuku) photographed at Anderson Park, Napier, New Zealand

Image No. White Heron 1

The white heron (Kotuku) is quite a rare bird in New Zealand and is known overseas as a great egret.

To obtain the best appreciation of the quality of the images on this site, they should be displayed at a relatively small size, because each image has been reduced in size to a maximum width of only 870 pixels, from the original width of at least 4900 pixels (or 6000 pixels from my full frame cameras). In addition, the images have been saved at a low quality setting.

Here is a picture of the above white heron (Kotuku) in flight:

White Heron in flight at Napier, New Zealand

Image No. White Heron 2

This image was captured with the full frame Sony A99 camera.

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