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Devonport beach with Auckland city in the background

Image No. A7R2-Devonport-1

Image captured hand-held with the 42 megapixel full frame Sony A7R II camera using the excellent Sony FE 55mm F1.8 ZA Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* lens.

To obtain the best appreciation of the quality of the images on this site, they should be displayed at a relatively small size, because most images have been reduced in size to a maximum width of only 870 pixels. In addition, the images have been saved at a low quality setting.

Here are some 100% crops which show the amazing amount of detail that you can expect to see if you were to make a large print from the above image:

Auckland Sky Tower and even the names on the Lumley, Vero, Deloitte, ANZ and Tower buildings are clearly visible

Image No. A7R2-Devonport-2

Devonport beach area: you can even see the clock face on the clock tower

Image No. A7R2-Devonport-3

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