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Pukeko at Heretaunga Park, near Wellington, New Zealand

Image No. Pukeko 3

To obtain the best appreciation of the quality of the images on this site, they should be displayed at a relatively small size, because most images have been reduced in size to a maximum width of only 870 pixels. In addition, the images have been saved at a low quality setting.

This image was captured with the full frame 42.4 megapixel Sony A7RII camera using the excellent Sony Zeiss FE 55mm F/1.8 lens.

The image above has been edited in Photoshop to remove the ducks that are in the original image as seen below. This image was discussed by photographers in May 2016 on the  Ugly Hedgehog Forum.

The purpose of the discussion was to obtain opinions on whether the ducks in the image below are a distraction from the Pukeko and make the image too "busy". There were many interesting comments made about whether the ducks should be removed. In addition, there were suggestions made about the appropriate imaging program and techniques that could be used to remove the ducks. The topic of whether a "heavily photoshopped" image would qualify for entry into a photographic competition was also discussed.

Here is a crop from the above image that gives you an appreciation of the detail you could expect to see if a you were to make a large print from this image:

Pukeko bird

Click  here  to go to a selection of images that have been taken with the Sony A7R II full frame 42.4mp digital camera using the excellent Sony Zeiss FE 55mm F/1.8 lens. These images demonstrate the excellent image quality and amazing detail that can be captured using this lens. To give you an appreciation of how these images will appear when greatly enlarged, crops of just small areas of the images are included for each image on the page, or the full-sized image is published.