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Sony  A99  and  Sony  A900  Full  Frame  24  Megapixel  Cameras

Examples  Of  The  Amazing  Crisp  Details 

That  Have  Been  Captured  In  Selected  Sony A99  and  A900  Images

Click on the thumbnails below to see examples of the amazing crisp details that have been captured in these Sony A99 and Sony A900 images. To give you an appreciation of how these images will appear when greatly enlarged, the full-sized images are displayed, together with crops of just small areas of the images. Some valuable links are included following the picture thumbnails.

Rob's  Photography  New  Zealand

Reflections on the
Pauatahauni Inlet

Ngawi Beach
and Fishing Village

Beach at Mt. Maunganui

Solace in the Wind
Wellington Waterfront

Boatsheds on the
Camborne Walkway

Battle Hill Farm Walk

View from Paekakariki Hill
Showing Kapiti Island and
Mt Ruapehu in the Background

View from Paekakariki Hill

Tongariro River Sunset

Kaka at Pukaha Mt Bruce

Giraffe Portrait

Sumatran Tiger

Cotton Top Tamarin

African Wild Dog

Elephant Meets Rooster

Lenticular Cloud
at Napier at Sunset

Wellington City (1)

Wellington City (2)

Wellington City (3)

Whitby Homes

Camborne Walkway

View From Hawkins Hill

Interisland Ferry

Henley Lake at Masterton
During the 2015 Air Show


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